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Courses Coming Soon!

The Caregiver


How to save your life, your liberty, and your sanity while caring for others. Insight into living through tragedy, strategy, and surviving--no! thriving

Forensic Science Experiments Kids Can Do at Home

A fun way to learn forensic science by using tools and foods you have in your home. For any budding STEM student, boy or girl.

Perfect Party Games: How to Throw a Perfect Party

This is based on a bestselling book of mine that Barnes & Noble kept on their shelf for 14 years; it was printed in three languages and sold in many different countries. These are interactive parties with games that were tested over and over with great success.

Boxing for Women 55 and Up

Location and installation of boxing equipment. What gear to buy and how to outfit yourself; stance, moves, and beginning techniques; plus the benefits of timing, learning warmups, and practicing safely. To kick or not? Tips from a professional boxer with titles!

How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal that Sells

A class I've taught for twelve years to professional writers in various writer associations. One of my students got a $150K advance!

Meditation: the Many Forms and Functions

Meditation is a practice I've been doing for over 40 years and it's helped me heal, communicate, sleep better, and restore my faith. A god-send for many people, I teach it to you.

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