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Cheat Sheet on Skin Aging, Sagging & More

Your face has an underlayment of construction: layers of epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue with collagen, and elastic fibers that smooth, support and structure the skin. Over time however, the elasticity breaks down like an old rubber band and loses its grip.

Young women--ah, beauty. There are a lot of factors that have their say in this breakdown of older skin: sun exposure is a biggie; lack of sleep, pollution/smog and toxins; and lifestyle doings such as genetics, smoking, and drinking alcohol.

Avoiding those things gives you an A+ but aging has its cut because you lose 1 percent of collagen for each year you pass your mid-20s. (Geez, why didn’t we know this sooner you say?)

Maybe with prior knowledge, we wouldn’t have saggy skin, pronounced jowls, and an elastin decrease on the neck, décolletage, stomach, arms and knees. And do you remember tanning with baby oil and while holding a silver tent? Aargh. So 70's. In another vein, proud you lost significant weight? You may be able to expect skin laxity all over these areas too.

Smooth As a Baby’s Cheeks

No matter. I’ll share some insight for you here:

This is why dermatologist’s say, “Surgery.” Surgery used to be the only way to get rid of sagging skin. Of course, along with that comes pain, long visible scars, and a great deal of expense. $12,000 and up? Or you could buy something called the Profound device at about $4,000, which is a derma-needling tool crossed with radio frequency energy.

In my e-course, Beat Back Aging: Living Better to Live Older in Great Shape, Looking Terrific, and Being the Best Version of Yourself at Any Age, we explore the science of growing old for your benefit, where I talk in a YouTube video about micro/derma-needling and another easy technique, which will help you save big money and enable you to do it in the privacy of your own home.

So, spare yourself the expensive doctor’s facial plastic surgeries, dermatologist’s in-chair procedures, and their upscale—Ultherapy ($2600.)—Botox and fillers, and laser treatment machines.

Sign up for our class, get valuable information, and learn the anti-aging strategies to reset your body's mindset for a younger, faster, stronger, and healthier you using less invasive and cheaper DIY methods.

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