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Nix the Soda

Health Repercussions of America’s 2nd Favorite Drink

No matter what you call it: a soda, pop, or soft drink –the amount of damage this drink does is astoundingly awful.

“There are a litany of issues found in soda, all bad for your health; America’s second favorite drink behind water.

Even though companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola dominated the drink industry for a solid portion on the 80’s and 90’s, this candy-in-a-can is dropping as an obsession.

Bubbles of Trouble

Once doctors and nutritionists spoke out about the truth about these sugary cans of chemicals, citizens began to blame soda for the massive increase in obesity and diabetes across America.

Enormous Bad Effects

There are so many ill effects with drinking soda, I can only supply a bullet list:

1. Liquid sugar like soda does not allow you to feel full; it encourages weight gain and obesity

2. The fructose can only be metabolized by your liver where it is turned into fat, and in the kidneys to become stones

3. Belly fat is increased with fructose (high-fructose corn syrup)

4. Insulin resistance may be driven by soda as it makes blood levels spike and may lead to the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

5. Soda holds no essential nutrients, just sugar and calories

6. Soda affect hormones such that leptin levels go haywire; and it is linked to bad cholesterol

7. It is considered an addictive substance

8. Sugary beverages may increase odds of heart disease, cancer, and bad arterial health or stroke

9. Soda acids like phosphoric and carbonic are a disaster for teeth and receding gums

10. Fructose increases uric acid and gout, medical inflammation of the joints

11. The higher your blood sugar, the higher your risk for Dementia.

12. Gut bacteria and bloat are metabolic changes from artificial sweeteners in soda; look out for ulcers and heartburn as well

13. Soda’s dehydrating caffeine and harmful chemicals effect skin creating dryness and an increased risk for wrinkles and fine lines

14. BVO or brominated vegetable oil in certain citrus sodas is linked to infertility and early onset puberty

15. Sodas may trigger migraines and headaches

16. Allergies from potassium benzoate are also linked to hives and asthma

17. The letdown from sugar reacts negatively with amino acids and serotonin contributing to depression

18. The caffeine in sodas inhibit sleeping and breastfeeding.

19. Poor vision from swelling lenses that are reacting to an over abundance of sugar

20. Soda is bad for your bones, with a reduction in bone density.

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